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Don't take employee health for granted.

As a leading UK occupational health services provider, Company Health's experience, over several years, is that in many companies there are often unseen illness related difficulties that, when correctly diagnosed and treated, can bring unforseen benefits to a company's performance.
Companies now rely on fewer people working longer hours and the premium on fitness is acute.
A higher degree of stress created by this additional workload causes a greater incidence of both physical and mental illness, which can have a significant effect on a company's performance.
We can help your staff and your company to better health.
If you click on the images below, you can view brief video testimonials from some of our customers who have implemented some of the employee assistance programmes and counselling services Company Health has to offer.

Company Health are the company health care specialists.

Using our considerable hands-on experience and drawing on our network of specialists, we can create care plans that suit your organisation. We provide a broad range of occupational health programmes including on and off site health screening, ergonomic assessments, work absence monitoring, employee assistance plans and a number of telephone consultancy services:

  • empathy : A programme manned by fully trained counsellors, providing help on personal, financial and occupational matters & bereavement.
  • absens : A confidential advisory line covering workplace absence, including health advice for the employee and absence monitoring for the employer.
  • sister assist : A service run by nurses for individuals who are in or about to go into hospital or those who may be experiencing problems with their GPs.
  • studentline : A round-the-clock telephone helpline for students with emotional, legal or financial problems.