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Metro Staff Health Day - March 2008

'I found it really interesting, the appointment with the nurse was good because you cant go for a general check up without it being a hassle with work etc. and advice from the nutritionist was really helpful because I have yeast intolerance - consultations are normally really expensive and I needed some follow up advice and what treatment to buy next' Kristina.

'I saw both the nurse and the nutritionist and thought they were both really interesting and helpful. It's always good to know you're in a good bill of health and the nutritionist gave me loads of ideas and advice too which was great' Jo.

'I thought the appointments were really useful, a great perk for Metro to offer and the ladies were very approachable and easy to talk to' Amie.

'I found my appointment with the nutritionist very helpful. I might even schedule a private follow-up appointment with her. I found her very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly' Lauren.

'It's really good to have a personal MOT' Steve.

'I thought that the lady was very professional and helpful and I would definitely recommend this to others who did not attend' Andrea.

'Just for the 2nd year I think it's great to be able to see someone. It's the only time in the year I get my cholesterol and blood pressure checked, so good to have peace of mind on that stuff. All in all another great Metro benefit' Andy.


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