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We provide employee assistance programmes and counselling services to companies which is called EMPATHY - Employee Assistance and Therapy.

This service includes:

  • 24 hour - 365 day helpline manned by fully trained counsellors.
  • Card issued to all employees with help-line number.
  • Information sheet to all employees regarding confidentiality and services available.
  • Assistance with personal, financial, occupational matters & bereavement & additional specific referral.
  • 8 counselling sessions for 6 employees per annum, provided locally or at a reasonable
        travelling distance.
  • Quarterly reports and assessment of usage.
  • Disaster recovery option for individuals or groups.
  • Advice to Managers/Management should an employee or others be 'at risk' at work.
Managed by Company Health for quality control and referral assessments.
This is a subsidiary of Company Health.
Many companies felt they wanted this service to be perceived as separate from the Occupational Health Services we provide.
We can, of course, issue the card and helpline number under Company Health if preferred.
Note: Critical Incident Counselling not included.



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