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Company Health is able to provide health surveillance on-site.

Mobile HAVS Surveillance

Company Health completes many HAVS programmes for all types of organisations ranging from car dealerships, stonemasons, county councils (gardeners for housing associations) and any employees who work with vibration tools. We are specialists in this field and have many written papers on Hand Arm Vibration syndrome which have been published worldwide.
Company Health's team uses specialist equipment brought in from the United States.

General Manager for Health and Safety , David Hadley explains :mobile health screening

"We have worked in consultation with the Employment Medical Advisory Service (EMAS) which is satisfied that, as a responsible employer, we have already taken all reasonable action to reduce or even eliminate further risk. Now, through a previous Company Health screening programme, we have identified a number of employees who may have been at risk and this latest operation will determine the extent of the problem."

The Stockholm rating of many of these employees has improved with four year monitoring, reduction in exposure and provision of protective equipment.

The initial diagnosis of HAVS normally includes the completion of a health surveillance questionnaire and its assessment by a qualified nurse/technician.
This is followed by lung function/audiometry/skin examination. vibrometry, grip strength and dexterity tests which are directed by a qualified HAVS occupational health consultant and carried out by a supervised specialist.
The whole process takes between one and a half to two hours per person.
These services can be made available to all employees on-site, including truck and forklift drivers.