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For a very low annual fee, we can provide an assistance programme called STUDENTLINE, a 24 hour telephone helpline for students with emotional, legal or financial problems.
Please note that this service is only available to Universities who sign up for their students, not to individuals students.

university student helpline This service includes :

  • 24 hour counselling service.
  • Access to face to face counselling.
  • Debt counselling.
  • Financial advice.
  • Legal advice.
  • Employment law for first job/post.
  • Drug and alcohol advice.
  • General health advice.
  • Sexual health advice.
  • Pregnancy advice.
  • Ergonomic advice to students working on computers.
  • Landlord advice.

Managed by Company Health for quality control and referral assessments.
This is a subsidiary of Company Health.
Many companies felt they wanted this service to be perceived as separate from the Occupational Health Services we provide.
We can, of course, issue the card and helpline number under Company Health if preferred.
Note: Critical Incident Counselling not included.